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Trade unions and associations exist to protect members’ employment interests and rights. Often you pay subscriptions for their professional support and sometimes you rely on their advice in important work related matters – such as employment disputes, pensions or health and safety issues. Unfortunately this advice can sometimes be wrong and your resultant losses could mean you are entitled to compensation. We can help if your claim has arisen in the last 6 years.

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Do you have a claim?

Typical scenarios where a trade union has given negligent advice and / or representation are:

● Disputes about the terms of your employment.

● Pension issues.

● Other work related problems.

However, there are lots of other situations where action can be taken; and our friendly, knowledgeable specialists will quickly help establish if you have a possible claim depending on your individual circumstances.

What does the Law require?

To win your case we need to establish that:

● There was a failure to provide services to a legally acceptable standard.

● You have suffered a direct financial loss as a result.


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