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Buying or selling your property is a stressful experience at the best of times, so the last thing you need is to be let down by your surveyor or valuer. They have a legal duty of care to ensure that the surveys they produce are accurate. This is for good reason as their reports are often relied on in matters involving large amounts of money, and if things go wrong you could be left facing an equally large financial loss. Their mistakes could deprive a buyer of an opportunity to reduce the purchase price of the property and/or lead to hefty repair bills. If you feel your surveyor or valuer has acted negligently and as a result you have suffered financially, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help if your claim has arisen in the last 6 years except in limited cases where there has been latent (hidden) damage.

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Do you have a claim?

Typical scenarios are where your surveyor/valuer has:

• Recommended an unsuitable type of survey (surveys of houses can be Mortgage Valuations, Homebuyers’ Surveys or a Full Structural Survey).

• Negligently carried out the survey, missing defects or not properly advising as to the extent of defects.

• Given an inaccurate valuation.

However, there are lots of other situations where action can be taken; and our friendly, knowledgeable specialists will quickly help establish if you have a possible claim depending on your individual circumstances.

What does the Law require?

To win your case we need to establish that:

• The surveyor / valuer owed a duty to you.

• The standard of service fell below that of a reasonably competent surveyor or valuer and;

• As a direct result you have suffered a financial loss.


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