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Owning your own home is for many one of life’s major achievements. However the dream can turn sour if you have been given bad mortgage advice; and whilst mortgage providers are heavily regulated, they do still make mistakes. If you think you have been mis-sold a mortgage you may be entitled to compensation. We can help if your claim has arisen in the last 6 years.

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Do you have a claim?

Common examples of bad mortgage financial advice include:

● Switching from repayment to interest only for affordability reasons.

● Mortgage term runs on past retirement age.

● Self Certification mortgages when there is a track record of income / means to pay.

● Extending the mortgage term to consolidate credit cards and loans.

● Sub prime mortgages where there is clean credit history.

However, there are lots of other situations where action can be taken; and our friendly, knowledgeable specialists will quickly help establish if you have a possible claim depending on your individual circumstances.

What does the Law require?

Since 2004 advisers must follow a code to ensure that a mortgage product offered to you is:

● Suitable.

● Affordable.

● Meets your needs.

● The most suitable form that the adviser has access to.

In every case the professional’s advice must be put in writing. If your mortgage broker or financial adviser has failed to meet these legal requirements and you have suffered a financial loss as a result then you may have a claim for compensation.


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