No surprise bills @claimsagainst!

We can often help with absolutely no financial risk to you at all. We accept most cases on a no win no fee basis. Sometimes you can use existing insurance (which you might not know you had!) or we can source funding from third party investors. If not we can often offer a flexible payment plan to help spread your costs. However you fund your claim, the most important thing is that you do not receive an unexpected bill, which is why we promise to be upfront about all costs and keep you informed about any additional costs you may incur along the way. Below are some of our funding options. However a lot depends on the merits of your individual claim, which is why we prefer to talk to you directly to ensure we offer you the right solution.

funding your claim - Money

Funding Your Claim:

funding your claim - No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee: We accept most cases on a no win no fee basis which gives you the peace of mind that you won’t risk paying our legal costs.

To protect you against having to potentially pay the other party’s costs and your expenses if you lose (eg. court and expert’s fees, if any), we are able to arrange specialist insurance cover.

funding your claim - Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance through your existing insurance policies: Many homeowners have Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) already in place through their household insurance providers.

We will happily review your insurance policy free of charge to see if you have LEI. If it turns out you are covered, we can then talk to the insurer on your behalf to arrange funding.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go Flexible Payment Plan: If we are unable to offer you a no win no fee agreement and Legal Expense Insurance is not available, then we can still take on your case on a privately funded, pay as you go basis.

We will agree our charges with you at the beginning of each stage of your claim and we have flexible payment options, such as instalment and credit card payments.

If your claim succeeds then you are entitled to recover your reasonable legal costs from the other party, provided your compensation is over £10,000.

Third Party Funding

Third Party Funding:
We work with trustworthy commercial investment partners who fund selected professional negligence cases. Rather than funding your case yourself, the third party investor is paid by the other side and / or from your compensation if your case is successful. Third party funding is suited to high value claims only.