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There are many different kinds of engineers, from structural and civil engineers to electrical and mechanical engineers; most having their own professional bodies which lay down standards which they must follow. The work / projects they are entrusted to deal with are often complex and require a level of expertise. The consequences of an engineer getting it wrong can have dire knock-on effects for the whole project and cause extra costs which could have been avoided. All engineers, whatever their specialism, are legally bound to deliver services in a legally acceptable manner. If you feel that your engineer has been negligent, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help if your claim has arisen in the last 6 years.

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Do you have a claim?

Typical scenarios are where your engineer has:

● Prepared a design which is incorrect.

● Provided a written report or survey / inspection which is inaccurate.

● Made incorrect calculations.

● Specified unsuitable materials.

● Failed to follow industry standards.

● Delayed which has had a knock on effect on your project / business.

However, there are lots of other situations where action can be taken; and our friendly, knowledgeable specialists will quickly help establish if you have a possible claim depending on your individual circumstances.

What does the Law require?

To win your case we need to establish that:

● The engineer owed a duty to you.

● There was a failure to provide services in the manner of a reasonably competent engineer of the same standing and;

● As a direct result you have suffered a financial loss.


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