@claimsagainst pro-neg site launched

@claimsagainst pro-neg site launched. Specialist Dispute Resolution Partner Alison Neate said:

“We are thrilled to launch our new @claimsagainst website, giving the public easy online access to expert help and advice about claims against professionals.

There is a common misconception that professionals are above the law because they have specialist knowledge within their field enabling them to defend any criticism of their work – and the resources to pay for expensive lawyers to get them off the hook if challenged. @claimsagainst aims to dispel this myth and give the victims of poor service from professionals the support and confidence to take action.

@claimsagainst are not a faceless claims company, we are part of leading law firm Smith Partnership. All enquiries and cases are handled by qualified specialist professional negligence lawyers who operate from a physical HQ here in the Midlands. Additionally we offer affordable funding options, often on a No Win No Fee basis.

@claimsagainst is operated by Smith Partnership Solicitors, a Legal 500 leading firm holding the Law Society’s Lexcel quality mark for excellent client service.

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Claim against a law firm

If you been involved in litigation but not informed about your litigation funding options, then you may have a Claim against a law firm.

There are a wide number of ways in which a claim brought in the civil courts can be funded. The most traditional method is to pay an hourly rate – win or lose. However a variety of other funding options are open to litigants. The most popular / well known is the so called “no win, no fee” agreement. Here, it is only if there is a successful outcome that the client’s own solicitor’s costs (and sometimes the client’s own barrister’s costs as well) are payable. On top of these “base costs”, a “success fee” is also usually chargeable, fixed as a percentage of the client’s own costs. Until 31 March 2013 the success fee could be recovered from the other side in the event of a win. A “no win, no fee agreement” could potentially save the client thousands of pounds in respect of his own legal costs.

Whilst the “no win, no fee” agreement protected the client from a liability for his own costs if he lost, he was still potentially liable to pay the winning party’s legal costs.  To protect against this eventuality After the Event Insurance (“ATE”) was available to purchase on the open market. The setting up of this cover fell to the solicitor and ought to have been arranged at the soonest reasonable opportunity during the case, often before court proceedings were even issued. The ATE insurance premium was not necessarily payable upfront and often it was possible to source insurance products with self – insured premiums, or deferred premiums where this cost was only payable at […]

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